Jenn used to work at Geico Insurance as a claims adjuster, but she’s been with AP Intego for over ten years now, and has managed both our customer service and operations departments. While she loves living in the Rochester area for the seasons and the lifestyle, she’d also be be just fine with traveling through Southern Europe with no agenda.

Jennifer Arcese

Director of Customer Service

Jimmy D has been with AP Intego for over eight years, starting out as a sales agent and currently serving as the sales team lead. You don’t need to tell him that he reminds you of Jim from “the Office”—he already knows. You could congratulate him on recently getting his first-ever hole in one in a golf game, though.

Jim Davidson

Sales Team Lead

Dave’s been in marketing and communications since the beginning. He started in a small business, moved to a global bank, left for a tech startup, then moved onto ad agencies and PR firms. Dave is a very wise man; we know this because a) he has a Labradoodle named Harry; b) he lives in Maine; and c) he never eats seafood if he’s more than 300 miles from the coast.

Dave Goldberg

Director of Marketing

Steve had a storied career in sales and marketing before catching the entrepreneurial bug and founding AgencyPort in 2000. He is now the Managing Director of Prestwick Holdings and of AP Intego. He has always loved insurtech because of all the opportunities for innovation in the industry. When Steve is not focused on building new value for our partners and customers, he can be found bouncing off the chicken wire on the platform tennis courts.

Steve Hauck

Managing Director

Don takes pride in flouting our company policy on bios, and declined to be blurbed. He doesn’t even like the internet.

Don Jenner

Senior Solutions Architect

Coming soon!

Mason Power

Director of Product Strategy

If insurance was the Star Wars universe and customer-centricity was the Force, Randy Storms would be Yoda. But “insurance Jedi Master” is just one of his many titles around AP Intego. He’s been working in the insurance and payroll realm since 1998, and while he’s technically our Director of Sales, his most important role is keeping our family of sales agents entertained, and he finds many...creative ways to accomplish this.

Randy Storms

Director of Sales

Jen started her insurance career in sales and worked her way up the ranks to management; she’s been with AP Intego for nearly ten years. All her coworkers want to know is… what’s behind the smile? All Jen wants to know is, “When can I finally capture the perfect beach sunset on camera?”

Jennifer Vienna

Customer Success

Norm brings 33 years of software engineering and commercial insurance expertise to AP Intego. Before that he was a harpsichord maker. He’s originally from Hoosick, NY, but he got to Maine as fast as he could. Freshwater bass everywhere both fear and revere him.

Norm Baker

Chief Technology Officer

Dennis has worked for several startups in the technology space, driving business development and strategic partnerships. He also drives his teenage boys all across the Eastern seaboard to their baseball tournaments. In his free time, he’s working on his memoir: “Don’t Encourage Him: The Dennis Fosberg Story.”

Dennis Fosberg

Business Development Manager

Katie brings 25+ years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant working in public & private accounting roles. When she’s not wrangling spreadsheets she can usually be found rinkside, cheering on her daughters’ hockey games, or rocking out to an Elvis tune.

Katie Griffin

Director of Finance and Administration

Scott specializes in digital marketing and business development, with a focus on defining and building new markets. He loves exploring new types of partners and businesses for whom insurance makes a real difference. We love hearing his laugh resonate throughout the office (which is good, because we hear it A LOT). Five words that accurately describe Scott are: fiercely passionate about Golden Retrievers.

Scott Helfrich

Business Development Manager

Bob’s background is in IT and HCM in the payroll industry, and he first learned about AP Intego as one of our partners. Now he heads up our business development team. He can trace his ancestry back to Charlemagne, and if you look carefully, you can totally see the resemblance.

Bob Mayo

Director of Business Development

Maggie is a 30-year service and operations veteran, with deep experience in the payroll and insurance industries. When she’s not busy mapping out customer journeys or devising new ways to help her team love their jobs, she’s leaving us all in the dust with her power walking moves—seriously, Maggie makes the Energizer Bunny look like a couch potato.

Maggie Reff

Director of Service and Operations

Christine's spent years in the insurance industry as a business analyst and working on software and product development. Now she's heading up our tech ops team, leveraging technology to make us a lean, mean insurance operations machine. Christine is also a passionate tennis fan, from the US Open to Wimbledon, so be sure to ask her about recent surprising matches or her favorite players.

Christine Sullivan

Director of Tech Operations

Geoff has been doing software engineering and product management for insurance technology for over fifteen years. He lives in Denver, CO, where he spends time on college football, craft beer and writing some "pretty decent code." Geoff’s superpower is the ability to find the perfect GIF for any situation.

Geoff Ward

Head of Platform Development

John has worked for traditional, digital, and database marketing agencies in New York and Boston. Unlike most people in insurance, he actually finds humor in business cliches and we politely tolerate this quirk. “Bermie” grew up in Massachusetts, but he was born in Birmingham, AL. True story.

John Bermingham

Senior Account Manager

Andrew has spent most of his career working with startups and helping them scale rapidly through partner relationships, though he did also try his hand at owning a bakery in Boston with his brother once upon a time. Ask him about their sourdough bread.

Andrew Gates

Head of Partnership Development

Eric hails from Lincoln, MA and started out in insurance e-commerce and enterprise software before founding AgencyPort in 2000. He is now co-Managing Director of Prestwick Holdings and AP Intego. When he’s not working to deliver insurance innovation and amazing tech to customers, you might find him in Jackson Hole, WY, most likely with skis attached to his feet.

Eric Harnden

Managing Director

Coming soon!

Julie Hildemann

Customer Operations Manager

Pradeep has been engineering ways to modernize and improve the insurance experience for over fifteen years. He’s skilled at reusing, be it code, furniture or seeds from his garden. Best compliment he’s ever gotten? "Competitors can’t have what we have because they don’t have Pradeep." We wholeheartedly agree.

Pradeep Namepally

Senior Solutions Architect

Once upon a time, Ann was a business analyst, but then AP Intego recognized her amazing talent for insurtech product management, and the rest is history. Deep down, however, Ann is a writer who will probably food-blog her way across the country someday.

Ann Shepard

Head of Product and UX

Unlike most humans, Pam doesn’t find insurance boring, and she loves how the industry is changing and evolving, but still maintaining people and relationships at its core. She’s spent her career in all facets of the insurance and finance world, and considers herself a sales/relationships and operations/technical hybrid. She didn’t write this bio, but she could have (in English OR in Greek!), as she’s currently working on a writing certificate at UC Berkeley.

Pam Victor

Director of West Coast Operations

Caroline’s background is in business development and account management in the insurance and high tech research industries. She’s originally from London, but grew up in Scotland, and now lives in North Carolina, so, as you can imagine, there’s a lot of very cool accent stuff going on there. She’s also an avid vegetable gardener and open air swimmer.

Caroline Weis

Business Development Manager

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