Another Broken Egg Insurance Program

An insurance program designed for Another Broken Egg franchisees.

Coverage where it counts

Workers' Compensation

Your employees work for the success of the business. Let’s keep them safe.

Cyber Liability

Cyber attacks are swift and come when you least expect. Protect your and your customer’s financial information.

Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

A BOP protects you from lawsuits, damage to business space, and property loss.


Your former employees can sue you for wrongful termination, slander, and libel. Protect your business.

Liquor Liability

Customers can become inebriated and hurt fellow patrons, damage property, or break the law after overdrinking. Protect your business from these cases.

Non-Owned Auto

Non-owned auto covers bodily injury and property damage caused by any vehicles you hire.

Pay As You Go: Workers' Comp Made Easy

Run Your Payroll Icon on Pay As You Go Page

First, you run your payroll like you always do. This contains your most up to date employee and wage info.

Copy Of Payroll Icon on Pay As You Go Page

Next, your payroll company sends us a copy of that payroll data, and we calculate how much premium you owe.

Wallet Icon on Pay As You Go Page

We withdraw the amount you owe from your bank account automatically and send it to your insurance company.

Healthier Cash Flow Icon on Pay As You Go Page

Finally, you decide what to do with the money you saved by avoiding lump sum costs and late fees.

An Insurance Program Designed For You

Pay As You Go Workers’ Comp

We eliminate large upfront premium payments. Connect it with your payroll, and pay what you owe, as you owe it. 

A-Rated Carriers

We decided on day one that we would work with only the highest rated carriers. Insurance is our passion, quality is our priority.

Ease of Use

Pick and choose the coverages you feel are necessary for your business. We’ll take care of the rest.

In Partnership With

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is covered.

We’ll get you the best policies at the best price, online or call (888) 289-2939.