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Commercial Property Insurance

Protection for your property

Any business runs the risk of damage or loss to their property due to unpredictable events. Commercial Property insurance protects a business from many types of unforeseen events such as fire or damage caused by wind or theft. It provides reimbursement for property loss and typically reimburses a business for any loss of income associated with property loss. The goal of Commercial Property insurance is to help businesses get back into business as quickly as possible after suffering a loss.

As damage to business operations can be costly, Commercial Property insurance can save your business from bankruptcy should your workspace be severely damaged or destroyed. This damage could include harm to the space itself, valuable documents, furniture, equipment, inventory, tools, and more.

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Peace of mind in a policy

Commercial Property protects the following
  • business equipment
  • electronic data
  • personal effects
  • tenant improvements
  • valuable papers
  • accounts receivable
  • accidental damage
  • forgery or alteration
Add-ons for Property

What Commercial Property costs

The price of Commercial Property insurance has a very wide range, dependent on the size of your building, the location, and the value of the equipment inside. Generally, policies for smaller buildings and office plazas cost between $1,000 to $2,000 annually, whereas larger buildings average between $10,000 to $15,000.

Many businesses can save money by protecting themselves against specific kinds of damages, like flood damage, but neglecting necessary property coverage can spell disaster for a business.

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AP Intego is a national insurance broker that works with only the highest rated carriers.
AP Intego is a national insurance broker that works with only the highest rated carriers.