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List of Coverage Types

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Accounts Receivable Insurance
Actions of your full-time employees and temporary staff

Advertising Injury and Personal Injury
Alleged or Actual Negligence


Back-Up of Sewers and Drains Coverage
Blanket Contractual
Blanket Limits Building Coverage
Bodily Injury and Property Damage
Brands & Labels
Broad Form Water Damage
Building Liability
Building Ordinance and Law Coverage
Building Protection for Owned Services

Business Income and Extra Expense
Business Income for Interruption of Practice Insurance Coverage
Business Income for Off-Premises Utility Services Coverage (OPUS)
Business Income from Dependent Properties Insurance Coverage
Business Income from Websites
Business Income Off-Premises Utility Services (OPUS)
Business Personal Property
Business Personal Property Coverage
Business Personal Property Off Premise Coverage


Catastrophe Allowance
CFC Refrigerants
Checked Coats and Bags
Claims and Damages
Claims arising from services provided in the past
Commercial Auto
Commercial Inland Marine
Commercial Package Policy
Commercial Property
Commercial Tools and Equipment

Commercial Umbrella
Communication Supply Services – Time Element
Computer Fraud
Computers and Media Insurance Coverage
Contingent Transit Business Income and Extra Expense
Contractual Penalties
Copyright Infringement
Credit Card Slip
Crime Coverage


Damage to Premises Rented to You
Damage to Third Party Property
Data Breach and Information Security Liability
Data Breach Insurance Coverage
Debris Removal

Defense Costs
Deferred Payments
Delivery Error and Omission
Denial of Service Attack – Time Element
Directors and Officers Liability


Electric Data Processing Equipment
Electronic Data Liability
Electronic Data Processing Equipment, Data and Media
Emergency Event Management
Employee Benefits Liability Coverage
Employee Dishonesty Coverage
Employee Dishonesty, including ERISA

Employee Tools
Environmental Safety & Energy Efficiency Improvements
Equipment Breakdown
Errors and Omissions
Expanded Business Income
Expediting Expense


Fine Arts
Fire Department Service Charge
Flora Destruction

Food Contamination
Forgery & Alteration
Foundations and Underground Pipes


Garage Keepers Coverage
Garages, Storage Buildings, and Other Appurtenant Structures
General Liability

Green Building Valuation
Green Environmental & Efficiency Improvements


Hired & Non-Owned Auto Insurance Coverage
Hired Auto Physical Damage
Historic Building Valuation

Hospitality Services Errors and Omissions
Host Liquor Liability


Increased Period of Restoration
Indoor Swimming Pool

Interruption of Computer Services
Inventory and Lock Appraisals


Jewelers Block


Key Replacement & Lock Repair


Lease Cancellation
Liability for Guests’ Property
Library Coverage

Liquor Liability
Lock Replacement


Marring and Scratching
Medical Expenses
Medical Hazardous Waste and Radioactive Contamination Cleanup
Medical Malpractice
Medical Payments

Merchandise Withdrawal
Merchandise Sold, but not yet Delivered
Merchandise Withdrawal
Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper Currency


Ordinance or Law Enforcement Coverage

Outdoor Property Destruction


Personal Effects
Personal Property in Transit
Pollutant Clean-Up Removal
Practice Interruption Business Income
Practice Interruption Direct Damage
Premises Liability
Private Company Management Liability

Product Recall Expense
Products/Completed Operations Liability
Professional Liability Insurance (E&O)
Property coverage for personal property in rooms furnished by operator
Property Damage
Property in Transit
Property Off Premise


Reimbursement of Legal Expenses Insurance
Replace Electronic Data

Response Expenses
Reward Payments


Salesperson’s Samples
Seasonal Increase Coverage
Service Interruption
Sewer Backup

Soft Cost
Supplementary Payments


Technology Services Coverage
Temperature Discharge
Temporary Relocation of Property
Temporary Staff and Independent Contractors

Tenant BPP
Tenant Building Insurance
Tenant Sign
Tenant’s Legal Liability Insurance Coverage


Umbrella Liability

Utility Services: Direct Damage and Business Income


Valuable Papers and Records

Virus and Hacking Coverage


Water Damage
Web Sites

Workers Comp
Worldwide Coverage