Protecting your tech & IT company.

If you own a technology or IT business, your clients rely on you to provide important services and in some cases safeguard sensitive customer information. Whenever you are in the business of offering expert services to clients, you are exposed to claims of negligence and the risks associated with protecting customer data.

As an IT service firm, you should consider several types of insurance. First, if you have employees, and to comply with state laws, you need workers’ comp insurance. You need protection for your space (whether leased or owned) and your property such as computer equipment. General liability covers your legal costs should an injured customer sue your practice and in the case of a cyber attack, data breach or cyber liability insurance can help cover customer notification, public relations, legal costs and more. To save time and money, you can combine nearly all of the coverages you need into a single business owner’s policy (BOP).

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The policies you need.

General Liability

You’re covered in case of customer lawsuits, such as “slip and fall” cases.

Workers’ Comp

Covers you and your employees in the case of an employee injury.

Professional Liability

This policy protects your business from lawsuits over your services.

Cyber Liability

Coverage for your digital assets and the systems of your clients.

Find out if you qualify for a business owner’s policy.

A business owner’s policy (BOP) is a packaged insurance policy that contains all of the essentials most technology and IT services businesses need. A BOP combines the two primary commercial coverage types – general liability and property insurance – into one, affordable policy. This packaged policy covers the widest range of risks that the average business owner faces: protection from lawsuits, damage to their business space and property loss.

There are also many add-ons that can be included in a business owner’s policy to protect the unique needs and risks inherent in a medical business. For example, cyber liability, which can cover losses associated with a cyber attack can be included. Business interruption, a coverage that pays an insured if business operations are suspended due to a loss, is included in most BOPs.

Additional coverages we recommend.


Business Interruption

Coverage for lost income if a business must close temporarily.

Commercial Property

This policy covers your business for many kinds of property damage.

Employment Practices Liability

Coverage for lawsuits by your employees against the company.