Commercial Auto Insurance

Every day in the US, there are over 15,000 car accidents—make sure you’re covered in case your vehicle is involved in one of them.

Protect your automobiles, and the people in them.

You may think that auto insurance is only necessary for businesses that rely on their vehicles to operate a business, like a food truck or a towing company. But what if one of your employees is running an errand for you in their car, or driving to visit a client, and they’re involved in an accident?

If you have commercial auto insurance, you’re covered. This policy includes coverage for liability and physical damage that can occur in an accident while using a vehicle for work purposes. That damage could be to vehicles driven by employees, or bodily harm to them or others in addition to any other costs you incur after an accident.

What commercial auto costs.

Commercial Auto insurance averages between $1,200 and $2,400 annually. Factors that affect price include: driving records, the make and model of the vehicle, the age and value of the vehicle, and the driving location and distances. Unlike personal auto policies, you can fit all of your drivers under one commercial auto policy.

What can commercial auto insurance cover for you?


Vehicle Damage

The cost of fixing a vehicle in the event of an accident

Towing and Labor

The process after an accident to get the car taken away and repaired

Medical Expenses

Bills from physicians due to injury in an accident


Your employees or others may not have full personal auto coverage

Legal Fees

Cost associated if an accident is brought to court

Substitution Transportation

Tto get you back up and running while your vehicle is repaired

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