Commercial Property Insurance

Your business needs a physical space that’s always up and running… we can help you protect it.

Give your property the proper coverage.

The heart of your business may be your people, but without your physical space, it may be extremely difficult to operate. So what happens when an accident strikes and damages your commercial space? The costs of repairing or replacing aspects of your office can be vast.

If you have commercial property insurance though, that cost can be covered. This policy protects harm to your workspace, valuable documents or property inside, equipment and inventory, and much more.

Having a policy for property coverage could save your business and get you back up and running after a loss. Don’t let your business operate without giving it the protection it needs.

By the numbers…

Like most insurance policies, commercial property insurance costs vary depending on factors of your business. However unlike others, this policy is also affected by the size and location of your property, and what the value of the equipment inside is.

On average, coverage for a smaller building/business is between $1,000 and $2,000 annually, whereas coverage for a larger or higher valued building is between $10,000 and $15,000 annually.

What can commercial property insurance cover for you?


Business Equipment

Any equipment your business uses for daily operations


Electronic Data

Your computers, computer programs, and the information stored in them


Advertising Errors

False claims about your company made by others


Tenant Improvement

Fixtures, alterations, or additions made at your expense


Valuable Papers

Records and documents in printed form that are relevant to your business


Forgery or Alteration

Loss due to dishonesty in writing, signing, or altering financial statements

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