General Liability Insurance

You can’t always predict when things will go wrong, so protect your business from third party lawsuits with a general liability policy.

Peace of mind in a policy.

You and your team interact daily with customers, vendors, suppliers, partners, or even complete strangers.

Any of these people may decide to claim that your business or employee is at fault if they suffer a loss or hurt themselves.

General liability insurance, also sometimes called “slip and fall insurance,” provides you coverage—and protection—in these situations. Typically, coverage includes the injury, medical bills, property damage to others, and more. Additionally, your policy will cover the legal fees associated with these claims.

By the numbers…

Like most insurance policies, the cost of general liability insurance can vary depending on what level of coverage you expect to need. Costs can also fluctuate by the kind of business you have and how much risk is involved in operating it.

In general, as a small business, you can expect to spend between $400 and $600 a year on liability insurance. Your annual premium will typically (depending on the policy) cover up to $1 million for a single incident and $2 million annually.

What can liability insurance cover for you?


Medical Costs

Bills resulting from hospital or doctor’s visits


Legal Costs

Lawyer fees can add up fast!


Advertising Errors

False claims about your company made by others


Slander and Libel

Knowingly false facts publicized by others


Malicious Prosecution

Legal action pursued against you without valid reason


Property Damage

To your property or that of others


Wrongful Eviction

Illegally evicting a tenant from a property


False Arrest

Costs associated with being held without cause

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