Umbrella Liability Insurance

The ultimate backup for your existing insurance plan, to protect you against the unknown.

Take your coverage the extra step.

No one can be prepared for everything, all the time. Sometimes you’re covered with your existing insurance plan when something goes wrong, but what about the incidences that you’re not covered for?

That’s where umbrella liability comes in. An umbrella policy can extend your existing coverage beyond the limits of your existing policy.

Umbrella liability can be added on to your existing policies, such as general liability, employment practices liability, commercial auto, and others. It’s that extra layer of protection you and your business need in worst-case situations.

By the numbers…

Like most insurance policies, the exact cost and coverage of an Umbrella liability policy can vary depending on your industry and business.

Generally, your business will spend an average of $400 a year for every $1 million of coverage you have. Your total coverage amount also varies, but is usually around $4 million.

What can liability insurance cover for you?



A false statement that harms the reputation of an individual


Customer Injury or Damage

Legal fees associated with claims by your clients


Property Damage

Physical damage from a fire or natural disaster including water, freezing, wind, or hail


Burglary or Theft

Loss of or damage to your property at the fault of others


Product Liability

Coverage for any goods your business makes or manufactures and sells to the public

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